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    Spanish & Bilingual

    Shop our selection of Spanish books for kids! Upgrade your bilingual classroom resources with these children's books in Spanish.

    Instructional Classroom Libraries

    Cuentos fonéticos de Scholastic

    Develop Spanish foundational skills with decodable texts

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    English–Spanish First Little Readers

    Engage new readers with books that are just the right level

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    7 Strengths Spanish Library

    Engage all learners in social-emotional learning

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    Summer Learning

    Lit Camp in español

    A summer program that combines reading and writing lessons with an interactive summer camp approach.

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    My Books Summer Spanish

    Keep children reading with the school year ends!

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    Family and Community Engagement

    School Readiness Kit

    Building children's foundational skills for kindergarten and beyond

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    School Success Kits

    Helping famlies support children's SEL and academic growth

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    Grab and Go Student Packs

    Support independent reading at home

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