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The Content-Rich Reading & Writing Workshop

A Time-Saving Approach for Making the Most of Your Literacy Block
Professional Book
Professional Book
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  • Item #: NTS504706
  • ISBN13: 9780545047067
  • Format: Professional Book
  • Pages: 160
  • Grades: 4 - 8


How do you help your students hit the high achievement mark they face these days, keep them engaged in their studies, and fit everything you are expected to teach into a typical school day? The answer is simple and easy to implement: teach content and reading and writing strategies together. By teaching reading and writing through content and by folding rich content into your reading and writing instruction, not only do you create more powerful and exciting learning experiences for your students - helping them learn more - you save time and become a more efficient and effective teacher. You'll find dozens and dozens of helpful tools such as graphic organizers, concept maps, textbook tamers, read/think/review protocols as well as guidelines for keeping reading logs, step-by-step procedures for approaching nonfiction writing, and a no-fail structure for designing a dynamic content-rich reading and writing workshop. What's more, every idea has been field tested extensively in Nancy's own school. Combine content with your strategy teaching and you will become a highly effective teacher while, at the same time, your students will love to learn, will become more skillful learners, and will learn more. 160 pages.

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The Content-Rich Reading & Writing Workshop

Professional Book 15.74

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