Text Set Complete Grade 5

440 Books

Text Set Complete Grade 5

440 Books

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Text Sets build proficient readers of informational text as students read deeply and widely on an array of science and social studies topics. Teachers will love the 'hands on' material and feel confident about how to integrate the Common Core State Standards into their reading instruction.

Each grade-level selection offers four individual subject packs, available separately. Each subject pack* includes 55 trade paperbacks and helps teachers integrate the CCSS into reading instruction through:
• Read Aloud (1 title, 1 copy)
• Anchor Text (1 title, 30 copies)
• Supporting Texts (4 titles, 6 copies each)
• 4 text-based skill-building sheets for students (1 per supporting text and each noted with the specific CCSS ELA standard addressed)
• Teacher Implementation Letter with Essential Question Prompts, Suggested Writing Topics and more
• Book bin

Text Sets are essential for every K-6 classroom, and align with the CCSS by:
Engaging the whole class on a single topic
• Modeling a
close reading of a text
• Deepening subject knowledge by
reading across multiple texts
• Providing opportunities for text-dependent responses from students

Text Sets optimize every classroom reading opportunity, and its flexible configuration is ideal for whole class teaching, small group instruction, and independent reading.

Order all four subject packs in each grade for a total of 220 books per grade level.

*(The Kindergarten pack includes math too.)

Title list:
• 551383 Text Set Grade 5: American Revolution
• 820897 Text Set Grade 5: Computer Technology
• 820895 Text Set Grade 5: Early American Leaders
• 587026 Text Set Grade 5: Ecosystems and Food Chains
• 551386 Text Set Grade 5: Oceans
• 820896 Text Set Grade 5: Stars
• 551384 Text Set Grade 5: The Civil War
• 587027 Text Set Grade 5: Westward Expansion

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  • Item #: NTS822544
  • ISBN13: 9781338225440
  • Format: Paperback Book Collection
  • Genre:
    Informational Text
  • Grades: 5

Text Set Complete Grade 5

Paperback Book Collection


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