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Scholastic R.E.A.L. 7 Month Student Package - Grade PreK

7 Books and 7 Student Guides
Family Engagement Collection
Family Engagement Collection
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  • Item #: NTS568521
  • ISBN13: 9780545685214
  • Format: Family Engagement Collection
  • Grades: Pre-K
  • Funding Type:
    Title I, Part A,
    Title I, School Improvement,
    Title I, Direct Student Services,
    Title II, Part A,
    Title II, Part B, LEARN,
    Title III,
    Title IV, Part A, SSAEG,
    Title IV, Part B, 21st CCLC,
    Special Education/RTI


Please be sure to include the corresponding Grade PreK Mentor Package (568523) in your cart. FREE Mentor materials when you order for 25 students or more! Based on a ratio of 1 mentor to 25 students.
Children in PreK will enjoy stories they identify with while developing resiliency, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Scholastic R.E.A.L. is a read-aloud mentoring program designed to inspire students and build literacy skills.
Scholastic R.E.A.L. is a program devoted to giving school districts and community-based organizations the tools needed to recruit, encourage and equip mentors to foster literacy skills.

How it works:
District and school leaders recruit volunteers within the community to mentor students and to support their literacy development.

READ: R.E.A.L. mentors read aloud in selected classrooms and community centers for an hour each month. Each mentor has one class of students in a grade from PreK through Grade 7.

Inspire: Mentors read and discuss up to seven books during their class visits. Students receive their own personal copies of up to seven books.

The outcomes are significant:
• Reading practice, motivation and improvement
• Improved self esteem
• Ongoing and consistent community engagement
• Relevant connections to the real world

Click here to learn more about the Scholastic R.E.A.L. Mentoring Program.

Scholastic R.E.A.L. 7 Month Student Package - Grade PreK

Family Engagement Collection 41.00

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