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Scholastic Art: The Still Life Class Set

Grades 7-12
Classroom Subscription - Print
Classroom Subscription - Print
Price per student: 9.99
Price per student: 9.99
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  • Item #: NTS567250
  • ISBN13: 9780545672504
  • Format: Classroom Subscription - Print
  • Genre:
    Informational Text
  • Grades: 7 - 12


This class set of Scholastic Art classroom magazine comes with 10 copies of the exceptional September/October 2013 issue on the art of the still life. Explore 16 pages of in-depth nonfiction on the artists, works, and techniques that make the still life a timeless genre. The class set includes a Teacher's Guide with lesson plans and a double-sided poster. Note: This is not a subscription to Art magazine. This is a one-time purchase of 10 student copies of a single issue.

Reviews for Scholastic Art:

Christy Kreps (January 12, 2012):
Thanks for the wonderful resources. I love that you include digital art as well as the standard drawing and painting. In a small school I have to wear many hats. I teach digital photography, graphic communication and a mixed media class. (yearbook and newspaper too!) I have used many of the scholastic art lessons with all of my classes and adapted them to my digital classes. The extra resources are fantastic!! Thanks again! It's worth every penny. I only can afford one set of 35 and then save them for each class.

Luna Ruth Paesch (January 12, 2012) Rating:
I just used one of your issues (Mask Makers) for my Artist of the Month display and I'm able to use it for all three grades that I teach. I was just reflecting on how much Scholastic Art has changed and improved in student appeal. The students were actually reading to find out how the masks were made. (Without my prompting). I love the change to Art News for the first two pages and the fact page that gives information in an easy and eye catching format. In the past I found articles too loaded with vocabulary, making comprehension difficult for my middle school students. I also find the new last page on art careers very useful. Thank you for making these changes! I will wait for Spring to use the Georgia O'Keeffe issue, but I'm glad to have it. And I'm looking forward to the Elizabeth Catlett issue. Thank you for a very useful magazine!

Scholastic Art: The Still Life Class Set

Classroom Subscription - Print 9.99

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