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Litcamp (2018) Plus Purple Bunk Grades 5-6

Collections and Libraries
Collections and Libraries
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  • Item #: NTS834389
  • ISBN13: 9781338343892
  • Format: Collections and Libraries
  • Grades: 5 - 6


LitCamp Plus combines the best-selling solution to the summer slide, LitCamp, with the independent reading library built on it"s seven strengths philosophy, the 7 Strengths Library, into one comprehensive summer literacy solution.

LitCamp, conceived as a means to prevent the “summer literacy slide,” is an effective summer literacy curriculum that cultivates students" confidence and aptitude for reading, critical thinking, and learning. The 4-8 week program combines innovative, research-based curricula with an engaging and interactive summer camp structure.

The 7 Strengths Libraries is a powerful new collection that fosters social-emotional learning, independence, empathy, and civic engagement.

The 7 Strengths Libraries promotes independence by offering a range of literature that students can connect with both emotionally and intellectually. Each authentic trade title was carefully selected to engage students through the lens of the 7 Strengths, which serves as the foundation of the LitCamp philosophy.

LitCamp Plus Purple Bunk Grades 5-6 includes:

• LitCamp Purple Bunk Grades 5-6
• 150 Paperback Trade Books (10 titles; 15 copies each)
• LitCamp Leader"s Guide
• LitCamper Portfolio Folder (15 copies)
• LitCampers Wristbands (15 each)
• Every Child a Super Reader Professional Book written by Pam Allyn and Dr. Ernest Morrell

• The 7 Strengths Library Purple Bunk Grades 5-6
• 100 Books (50 titles; 2 copies each)
• Independent Reading Teacher's Guide that provides impactful tips and strategies to build vocabulary, assist emerging bilinguals, and more.

Litcamp (2018) Plus Purple Bunk Grades 5-6

Collections and Libraries


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