Information in Action (Kindergarten)

Units for Reading, Writing, and Researching with Informational Text

Information in Action (Kindergarten)

Units for Reading, Writing, and Researching with Informational Text

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This professional learning resource is packed with tools to help teachers develop expertise in project-based instruction and teaching key informational text types. Step-by-step guidance from Nell K. Duke supports instruction so students can build reading, writing, and researching skills. Print and digital supports include a professional book and PLC study guide, professional learning videos, and interdisciplinary model units that show teachers how to put research into practice and guide students through the research and writing process in purposeful and engaging ways.
Information in Action model units target key informational text types:
• Informative/Explanatory
• Persuasive: Opinion
• Procedural/How-to
• Biography
• Nonfiction Narrative

The Kindergarten kit contains print and digital materials for teaching 4 teaching units
Program components:
• New professional book by Nell K. Duke: Inside Information: Developing Powerful Readers and Writers of Informational Text Through Project-Based Instruction
• Teacher's Guide: Contains step-by-step instructional guidance for four classroom-tested, project-based learning teaching units, assessment forms, and links to standards
• Launch Texts (1 title per unit, 1 copy each, 4 texts total): Read-aloud texts for kicking off each unit to build students' interest in and knowledge about the topic
• Mentor Texts (1 title per unit, 6 copies each, 24 texts total): Books that provide models of the text type in which students are writing in each unit
• Source Texts (1 title per unit, 30 copies each, 120 texts total): A set of information-filled articles students use as research sources
• Student Research Notebook (30 copies each): A consumable work text containing graphic organizers, data-gathering charts, and drafting sheets
• Online access to a range of resources, including a PLC study guide for Inside Information, a video clip suite featuring Nell K. Duke with footage from classrooms engaged in project-based units, screen-ready digital versions of the texts used in the model units, assessment tools, and other downloadable resources
Kindergarten Units:
• Why We Write Posters (Informative/Explanatory)
• Our Classroom Jobs Manual (Procedural/How-to)
• “Kids Saving the Rainforest” Picture Book (Nonfiction narrative)
• Let's Reduce and Reuse Messages (Persuasive: Opinion)

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About the Author

Nell K. Duke Ed.D.
Professor of literacy, language, and culture and in the combined program of education and psychology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Duke’s award-winning research focuses on early literacy development.

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Information in Action (Kindergarten)

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