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Area: Using Multiplication: Math Lesson

Area: Using Multiplication: Math Lesson

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Using rectangles, students find the area by counting how many equal groups there are of a particular number of units. For example, one might say that a rectangle with a length of 5 square units and a width of 7 square units has 7 groups of 5 units. That's the same as 7 × 5, which is equal to 35. The rectangle, therefore, has an area of 35 square units.

This PowerPoint lesson is a multi-click animation sequence that introduces standards-based math skills and concepts. Also includes three practice pages at levels A (below grade level), B (at grade level), and C (above grade level), which may be distributed according to students' abilities.

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  • Item #: NTS810378
  • ISBN13: 9781338103786
  • Format: Activity Pack
  • File Format: zip
  • Grades: 3

Area: Using Multiplication: Math Lesson

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