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Scholastic News Grade 5/6

Current nonfiction for your classroom at just $5.25 a student

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  • ISBN13: 164893
  • Format: Classroom Subscription - Print
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  • Grades: 5 - 6
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Classroom Magazines are available on a 30-day free-trial basis. You will be billed separately. Price shown is for class sets of 10 or more student copies and includes Teacher's Guides, a desk copy, and complete online resources.

Scholastic News for grades 5/6 is designed to build content literacy skills by providing your class with a constant source of new and relevant informational texts. From current events to science and social studies nonfiction, each article directly connects to your curriculum. Additionally, educators receive step–by–step lesson plans and skills sheets that help them reinforce the skills required by higher academic standards. Subscriptions also include access to Scholastic News Online, featuring Text–to–Speech audio, learning games, videos, and other digital learning features. Grade 5—6, Weekly.

View a Sample Issue
View a Teacher’s Guide

Take a look at the high–interest current events Scholastic News Edition 5/6 has in store for this school year.

Scholastic News Edition 5/6 Calendar


Take an in–depth look at the many ways Scholastic News Edition 5/6 meets the Common Core State Standards.

Scholastic News Common Core Highlights–Grade 5

Scholastic News Common Core Highlights–Grade 6

Online Resources:

<b>Subscriptions of 10 or more copies include full access to <i>Scholastic News</i> Online&#44; featuring&#58;</b><br><br><b>Digital Editions</b><br>Read every issue on your interactive whiteboard&#44; projector&#44; or classroom computer&#46; <br><br><b>Videos</b><br>Highly engaging videos provide essential background information on the topics covered in the magazine&#46;<br><br><b>Lower Reading Level</b><br>Each cover story is available at an alternate lower reading level to help you differentiate instruction&#46;<br><br><b>Text&#150;to&#150;Speech Audio</b><br>The Text&#150;to&#150;Speech feature reads specific sections or the entire issue aloud&#46; Perfect for auditory learners&#46;<br><br><b>Bonus printables</b><br>Printable skills sheets for every issue include writing prompts&#44; practice tests&#44; map/graph/chart reading activities&#44; graphic organizers&#44; and much more&#46;<br><br><b>Games</b><br>&#34;Know the News&#34; games are a fun way to review each issue&#46;<br><br><b>Student iPad<SUP>&#174;</SUP> App</b><br>Students can read and interact with every issue right on their iPads&#33;



Matthew Herzeca (October 09, 2012)
AWSOME the best way to learn about the world!!!!!!!

Lynn Snow (May 09, 2014)
Although I am a seasoned teacher, this is my first year using Scholastic News. I am thoroughly impressed, especially with the interactive feature! ALL students are on task and engaged when the BIG Scholastic News is on the Promethean board. I can hone in on the vocabulary, charts, maps, and videos to make the most of the magazine. The kids love to cast their votes in the weekly polls and see the results instantaneously!

Hardcover $17.95

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