A Bad Case of Stripes

Where can you spot stripes?



What you need:

  • A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon (optional) 
  • Construction paper 
  • Scissors (child-safe) 
  • Magazines and/or newspapers 
  • Glue 
  • Construction paper  

Reading tips:

  1. In A Bad Case of Stripes the main character wakes up one day to find her skin covered in stripes. Her predicament gets worse as the day goes on and is only cured when she admits that she likes lima beans. 
  2. Because the book is somewhat long, you might want to read it over the course of two nights. After finishing part of the book, encourage your child to guess what happens next in the book.
  3. After you finish reading, invite your child to guess why eating lima beans got rid of Camilla's stripes. (When she follows the motto "Be yourself" and is no longer worried what other kids will think when they find out she likes lima beans, her stripes disappear.)

To extend the reading:

  1. Ask your child if she's ever heard of a striped person. Of course not! But there are many other places you might find stripes — on animals, on clothing, and even on wallpaper. With your child, look through magazines and newspapers for pictures of stripes. Cut out the pictures and make a collage.
  2. Cut different colors of construction paper into strips. Use the strips to make a pattern (such as red, red, green or blue, yellow, red). Challenge your child to guess the pattern. 
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