Top 5 Ways to Inspire Young Adventurers

Make summer reading an adventure!

By Sonja Cole
May 13, 2013



Top 5 Ways to Inspire Young Adventurers

May 13, 2013

Fact: "Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic level, or previous achievement, children who read four or more books over the summer fare better on reading-comprehension tests in the fall than their peers who read one or no books over the summer." (Summer Reading and the Ethnic Achievement Gap, Jimmy Kim, Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 2004)

Just 4 books this summer can make all the difference for your child, so share these adventure books and activities to help your child get excited about summer reading.

1. TombQuest Printable Activities. Your child can design an amulet, decode hieroglyphs, and learn about mummies with these printables inspired by the TombQuest adventure books.

2. Hatchet Readalikes. If your child liked Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, try these other outdoor adventure survival stories for ages 10-12.

Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen

My Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George

Call It Courage
by Armstrong Sperry

3. Kids can see the world through the eyes of a stray dog in this online "choose-your-own-adventure" activity based on A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin.

4. Storm Runners by Roland Smith 

Chase Masters and his father are "storm runners," racing across the country studying hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods firsthand. But when the hurricane of the century hits, Chase will be tested in ways he never could have imagined. Read Chapter 1.

5. Bone Graphic Novel series by Jeff Smith.


Comic book fans will love the adventures of the three Bone cousins in Boneville.

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