6 Bedtime Excuses You Can Put to Bed With These Great Reads

Do your kids have creative excuses for not going to bed? Make excuses the subject of your bedtime stories with these titles.

By Allison McDonald and Daniela Bizzell
Oct 27, 2017



Oct 27, 2017

Have you heard them all? All the excuses from your children to get out of actually laying down and going to sleep? My kids are masters of the “but first I need to...” and what is at the end of that sentence can be anything from go potty to make a card for me so I know they love me (they are good aren’t they?). Here are some picture books that take all those excuses and turn them into the subject of your bedtime stories. Find inspiration in your exasperation!

Excuse #1: I’m not tired!
Reassure your little ones that they need to slow down, but if they don’t take your word for it, read Goodnight, Already by Jory John with a sleepy bear and a not-so-sleepy duck. 

Excuse #2: I’m scared of monsters!
Check the closet, under the bed, and your bookshelf for Monsters New Undies by Samantha Berger to help show your kiddos just how loveable little monsters can be. 

Excuse #3: I’m worried about tomorrow!
For every time a bump in the night ends with a mountain of concerns, Good Night Owl by Greg Pizzoli really can help! Snuggle up with it and help ease a few worries.

Excuse #4: I can’t find my lovey!
After looking for (and hopefully finding) your child’s lovey read Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems and have a few good laughs with your child as she winds down to sleep.

Excuse #5: Everyone else is up—it’s not fair!
Does your child feel like everyone is having a good time while he's stuck asleep? Then introduce your little one to the magic of Rabbit Moon by Jean Kim.

Excuse #6: I’m hungry!
At our house this happens for one reason, they didn’t eat a great dinner. I made a great dinner, but they chose not to eat it. One book for every child who wants a snack "right this second" is Hungry Bird by Jeremy Tankard.

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