Simple Summer Writing: Try Postcards

Keep your child writing this summer with these simple ideas.
By Allison McDonald



Simple Summer Writing: Try Postcards

Getting children to read during the summer can be tricky, but parents have great resources like the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge to tap into. Writing gets lost among the reading minutes, afternoons at the beach, and trips to the pool. One way to slip some wonderful authentic writing in is to send some postcards to friends and family. You may not have time to commit to a penpal, but taking a few minutes to write postcards is easy enough for anyone!

Here are a few tips to make this work for you and your family: 

  1. Local visitors' bureaus usually have free postcards. Stop in when you get to your destination to save time and money.
  2. Ask friends for their addresses before you head off for a family vacation. That way you are ready when you see just the right post card.
  3. At home, grab postcards at your favorite local spots. Have your children write down their favorite memories from your excursion. No need for overpriced souvenirs, and everyone likes getting mail — even from themselves!
  4. For children too young to write, have them draw pictures and dictate text for you to record.
  5. Make your own postcards with photos. If you are writing on photo paper, use a permanent marker. 
  6. Get in on the action too. Write to your children from business trips or just as little treats. Who says all treats need to involve sugar?

When children are young, writing is tough. But we can make it fun for them while they learn with simple engaging activities like these. 

Have you used postcards as a literacy activity at your house? Tell us about it on our Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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