Share a Holiday Word Search-Puzzle With Your Older Child

Get your child in the holiday spirit, and learning about other celebrations, with this festive word search printable for the season.

By Christie Burnett
Dec 12, 2017




Dec 12, 2017

My nine-year-old is a big fan of word puzzles and word searches. Recently, I had the idea of combining the two to create a fun holiday word challenge that would really get her thinking. Instead of the more traditional word search format that provides a list of words to find, this version requires your sleuth to first solve a series of clues. The answers form the list of words to find. Plus, there's a bonus challenge of finding five additional festive words that aren't listed.

To get started, print a copy of the word search, and start by encouraging your child to use the clues provided on the left-hand side to form the word list. All relate to December's three big holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

If your child finds the clues too tricky, you could offer a hint by writing the first letter of a word in the answer space to get him started. Spelling will be important, so a dictionary or dictionary app might be helpful.

May this dual-activity printable provide your child with a fun, learning challenge over the holiday season!

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