Scholastic Parents Share: Family Bookshelves

What does your child's bookshelf look like? Check out how real parents like you got creative with building their kids& home library.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Apr 03, 2018



Scholastic Parents Share: Family Bookshelves

Apr 03, 2018

A plethora of books in the home can encourage kids to read and pique their boundless interests. To help inspire reading, even more, many parents devise creative ways to store, organize and showcase their kids' book collections. An artful display filled with an assortment of favorites can also be used to create a fun reading nook for your young reader. Striking and visually-pleasing mini home libraries are sure to entice little readers into reaching for more books!

We asked our Scholastic Parents Facebook audience to share what their child’s bookshelf looks like. Check out these shelves below and get inspired—from neat and simple to bold and statement-making, these bookshelves are a great place for ideas. 

"I rotate the ones that [our two-year-old] can read. Like this week, colors and feelings are on the bottom shelf since that’s our theme this week." --Bre Whiteley

"From Scholastic to Graphix - this is what 14 years of book collecting looks like." --Saori Adams

Photo provided by Amber Kiselewski 

"We keep books all throughout the house, but our 4-year-old has a few favorites that she likes to keep near her bed. These are the books my little one currently has in her bedroom. However, we also have a couple of bins filled with books throughout the house. We all LOVE books and read all the time!" --Dalyn Bartie

Photo provided by Kristiana Lorraine Looney

Photo provided by Katie Zuniga 

Photo provided by Jessica Ann Ottis 

Photo provided by Karissa Ditzler 

"Here's one. We have 3...and growing. In the living room, play room, and bedroom. Never enough books!" --Karyl Watson

Photo provided by Sarah Sanders 

"We love our books!" --Kaitlin Michelle May

"It's not much, but it's enough to keep my little dinosaur happy." --Nicole Kelly Reynolds 

"My five-year-old’s, which everyone said we'd never keep organized. Ha! He loves books. Notice the stack of library books; we get a nice haul twice a week." --Beth Bullock 

"My kids love books!" --Evalis Swist 

Photo provided by Rebecca Perkins

"Time for another bookcase or to box up the ones that are geared towards the under-2 crowd." --Amber Pingitore

"I painted it myself! She loves her books." --Jessica Chaidez 

Photo provided by Mika Potter

"And growing! --Limari Ramirez 

Photo provided by Lindsay Chelton 


"Rain gutter book shelves were perfect for the space behind my son’s door." --Emily Jordan 

Photo provided by Melissa Rainwater 

Photo provided by Tonia Meyer Kakacek 

How have you gotten creative with your child's bookshelf? Let us know on the Scholastic Parents Facebook Page


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