Monthly Spotlight: New & Noteworthy Books for October

Are your kids busy, curious, or fans of adventure? Find a title for everyone on this book list perfect for young readers three to nine-years-old.

By Jodie Rodriguez
Oct 18, 2017



Monthly Spotlight: New & Noteworthy Books for October

Oct 18, 2017

Matching children with books can be challenging. There are so many book choices and new ones entering the market every week.

This month, we have some book recommendations that are great for kids who love to be busy, have a curious nature, or seek adventure.

Bizzy Mizz Lizzie by David Shannon
Ages: 3-5
Bizzy Mizz Lizzie is the story of a young bee who is always on the go. She does everything from dance lessons to play baseball. But, being so busy all the time can take its toll. Bizzy's friends remind her to stop and smell the flowers. If your kids need a reminder that rest is just as important as being active, this picture book is a great choice.

Why, Fly Guy? by Tedd Arnold
Ages: 5-8
Do your kids ask you questions that you can't answer off the top of your head? Fly Guy answers those burning questions — from why we hiccup to why the sun rises and sets. Plus, there are activities sprinkled throughout the colorful book for kids to learn more about their science questions. Highlighted vocabulary words are also defined in the glossary. Why, Fly Guy? is the perfect fit for your curious children.

The Last Firehawk #1: The Ember Stone by Katrina Charman
Ages: 6-9
Your early chapter book readers who love action-packed adventures will clamor for the new Branches series, The Last Firehawk. In The Ember Stone, dark magic user, Thorn, is trying to destroy the Peorida island. Tag and Skyla want to protect their land and Tag hopes to become an Owl of Valor in the process. Your children can continue the adventure with two more books currently in the series.

Check out these books with your kids. The selections may spark a curiosity to do more reading. To fuel that desire with more book recommendations and new releases, check out The Scholastic Store.

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