Get Set for Summer Reading With These 5 "Raise a Reader" Must-Do's

Pledge to raise a great reader with these 5 easy Raise a Reader must-do&s this summer.

By Maggie McGuire
May 06, 2013



May 06, 2013

We’re officially kicking off our Summer Reading Challenge at Scholastic today so I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for keeping kids reading all summer long!

Make the pledge to raise a great reader with these 5 easy Raise a Reader must-do’s this summer:

1. As you get ready for summer, fill your home with books and reading materials – magazines, newspapers, comic books, how-to guides, or reading materials that will tap your children’s interests and passions. Summer is filled with wonderfully long days – make sure your kids have lots of opportunities to grab a book or magazine for road trips, picnics at the park, days at the beach and all the other days in between!

2. Be a reading role model for your children. Let them see you reading every day.

3. Read aloud to your child – even after they turn 8! Don’t stop! Kids love to be read to and the longer you can read to them the more you will show your kids that reading is fun, build their vocabularies, develop background knowledge they will need to understand meaning and texts when they read on their own, and inspire a lifetime love for reading! Find fun summer-themed stories to share with your kids or news and non-fiction titles related to the events and places you go to this summer. I’m already drafting my book list of summer read-alouds!

4. Build reading into your child’s daily schedule. If they’re headed off to camp each day, be sure they pack a favorite book for down time.  Try a morning reading routine – 30 minutes before the busy day starts at breakfast or as a great way to unwind at the end of long day. When they grab some shade at lunchtime be sure they have a great book to read. By creating reading routines at home -- and on the go -- the habit of reading, and independently choosing reading, will grow with them over time.

5. Let your kids be in charge of what they read. Statistics show that 91% of kids aged 6 to 17 are more likely to finish a book that they choose themselves. Allow your kids to choose the books and topics that interest them. Exerting too much control over the content of your child’s reading risks fueling the perception that reading is a chore. It is important to know your child’s reading level (ask his teacher if you’re unsure before the school year ends) to help him make a choice that will avoid the frustration that comes from books that are over his head.  And let your kids read print, digital or both…as long as they read every day!

Happy Summer Reading!

What are you going to read this summer with your kids?  Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page and get summer reading tips, activities and inspiration for every day. 

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