Family Library Night

How to turn an everyday outing into something really special for your kids.

By Allison McDonald
Jun 11, 2015



Family Library Night

Jun 11, 2015

Life is packed with so many things. School, work, music lessons, volunteering, extra-curricular sports… when do you find time for the library?

You don't find time for the library -- you have to make it. Make a date! Instead of family movie night this weekend, why not family library night?

Most libraries are open after dinner and the children's section is usually extra quiet at that time. Perfect for you and your kids to take your time to find some new books.

Here are some more simple ideas to make Family Library Night extra fun:

1.    Make your own library bags to fill up. Get canvas bags from a craft store and let your kids decorate them with fabric markers. A big bag will encourage your children to fill it up with reading materials.
2.    Give each child a soft cover journal to write down a book wish list. They can write down specific books or subjects they want to check out. When it's time to go, they can use the list to search the catalog or ask a librarian for help.
3.    Check to see if your library offers bedtime story time. Many do, and wearing PJs is encouraged. Yes, for parents too if you are so inclined!
4.    Check to see what other special events your library may offer in the evenings. Many have special events from time to time like live performances and family-friendly films.
5.    Bring a teddy bear or other buddy to the library to read with.
6.    Grab a few gummy worms for your little bookworms and eat them on the way for reading fuel.

How do you make going to the library more fun for your kids? Tell us about it on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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