Best Reading Gifts for Digital Kids

5 gifts (and then some!) that digital kids will love.

By Amy Mascott
Dec 11, 2013



Dec 11, 2013

Editor's note: This post has been updated to include new gift selections.

What to get our digital kids for the holidays when it seems everywhere we turn is just one more video game, app, or mobile device?  

Are there ways of tying in their desire for electronics while simultaneously sneaking in some learning and reading along the way?

I think so. Actually, I know so.

As parents, we want to support our kids' interests while encouraging balance. As in everything we do, balance is key; however, for gift-giving this year, here are my picks for literacy-inspired gifts for our tech-loving kids.

Scholastic Storybook Treasures (ages 2-8): Watch your child's seven favorite children's books with this DVD collection during family movie night. 

Klutz: LEGO Make Your Own Movie: 100% Official LEGO Guide to Stop-Motion Animation (ages 8-10): Link your smart phone, computer, or tablet and you've got the ultimate kid-friendly guide to stop animation. If you've got a future movie-maker on your hands, this comprhensive and creative step-by-step kit teaches your child everything from lighting to sound effects to create the next blockbuster hit. 

Tombquest #1 Book of the Dead (ages 8-13): Combining reading with skill-building, Tombquest allows kids to build tombs, hide treasure, and challenge their friends. The best part? This online platform is based on the well-known book series. Try encouraging your child to read first and play later for a well-rounded experience. 

The 39 Clues: Doublecross Book 1: Mission Titanic (ages 8-13): From online card collecting to fun learning games, your child can combine this well-loved series with digital learning to stay engaged after the series ends. 

CoderDojo Nano: Build Your Own Website: Create with Code (ages 8-13): Is your child interested in STEM, computer science, and all things coding? Then this is the book to add to your family bookshelf. From learning new, fun stuff about computers to building your own website, this book has everything your little coder needs to know.

Five quick picks -- but remember, two gifts must not be forgotten: gift cards and eBooks.

Gift cards for sites that you know your kids love, like Amazon or iTunes, will allow them freedom to choose the games and books they love (with parental supervision, of course). And eBooks from your favorite sites are must-haves for digital kids; eBooks bring the best of technology and literacy together in ways you will not believe!

Happy shopping, and three cheers for reading-related gifts for our digital kids!

What other small, reading-related gifts will your digital kids totally dig? Let us know! Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!

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