The ABCs of Reading Resolutions for the New Year

From A to Z, we have your kids& New Year Reading Resolutions covered!

By Amy Mascott
Jan 02, 2017



Jan 02, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published on December 29, 2014.

There's something for everyone in these ABCs of Reading Resolutions for the New Year:

A:  Listen to audiobooks when you travel.

B:  Buy books for birthday gifts.

C:  Try craft books with your kids.

D:  Make dinner by following a new recipe from a cookbook!

E:  Experience a book on stage or on film.

F:  Explore a Book Festival this year — there are so many to choose from!

G:  Register for Goodreads and write reviews of your favorite books.

H:  Help out at your school media center or your local library.

I:  Introduce a friend to your favorite author.

J:  Let books take you on journeys you never imagined!

K:  Keep track of all the books you read in a Book Journal.

L:  Visit the library at least two times each month.

M:  Make a memories scrapbook as a family.

N:  Create a Book Drive for needy children in your area.

O:  Organize your bookshelves.

P:  Read about better ways to care for your pets.

Q:  Go on a quest for a new author each month!

R:  Create a Reading Club for you, your kids, and their friends.

S:  Remember that books are great to share!

T:  Text a "Book Buddy" every time you finish a book!

U:  Uncover a new-to-you genre each month.

V:  Plan your family vacation using travel books from the library.

W:  Wipe out the books in your house that you don't read by donating them!

X:  Read books about fitness and eXercise.

Y:  Say "YES!" to reading in new places.

Z:  Read before you catch ZZZzzzs each night.

What are your reading resolutions for the New Year? We'd love to hear them!

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