9 Great Magazines for Kids (and Why They Should Read More Than Just Books)

Learn the benefits of reading magazines and their power to get kids reading.

By Allison McDonald
Oct 03, 2013



Oct 03, 2013
Magazines are great reading material for new readers who are reading alone or with a parent. With the new emphasis on non-fiction material in the Common Core State Standards.

Offering your kids access to magazines at home is not only a novel way to get them to read, but it also hones their skills at reading non-fiction as well. Magazines offer short articles with lots of visual support from pictures and aren't as intimidating as books for struggling readers.

Magazines also offer kids another option. As parents, one of our main responsibilities when it comes to our kids' literacy is to offer opportunities to read. No one wants to force a child to read because, as with most things, most kids will push back. We want kids to be excited to read, and one way to do that is to offer novel choices to mix up the regular routine. Subscribing to a children's magazine is an effective way to promote literacy in your home and use the excitement of getting something fun in the mail to spark reading.

Here are 9 great magazines for kids to add to your reading material smorgasbord:

1.    American Girl
2.    Ask
3.    Highlights For Children
4.    Jack & Jill
5.    National Geographic Kids
6.    Ranger Rick
7.    Sports Illustrated Kids
8.    Time For Kids
9.    Zoobooks

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