6 Super Books for Wannabe Hands-On Parents

With the help of these books, you can help with reading, turn your kitchen into a science lab, and do crafts with your kids.

By Allison McDonald
Jan 21, 2016



6 Super Books for Wannabe Hands-On Parents

Jan 21, 2016

What does being a hands-on parent mean to you? Well, I will tell you what it doesn’t mean to me: It doesn’t mean that you can’t have interests of your own, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a martyr, and it doesn't mean that you have to spend your evenings planning and setting up new learning activities for your child.

To me, being a hands-on parent means you pay attention, you try to feed your child’s interests, and you get involved in what they love and their struggles. Not all of us can coach soccer or make every classroom party, but we can all plan simple crafts to do together, help our children with reading, or garden with them. These six books are aimed at parents who want to be involved and hands-on, but like most of us, are just so busy and don’t know exactly where to start.


Maker Dad
by Mark Frauenfelder

The Curious Kid’s Science Book
by Asia Citro

Raising A Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips for Helping Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love for Reading
by Amy Mascott and Allison McDonald

The Artful Year: Celebrating the Seasons & Holidays with Family Arts and Crafts
by Jean Van’t Hul.

Side by Side
by Tsia Carson

The Garden Classroom
by Cathy James

Do you have a book title that has helped you be more hands-on with your kids? Tell us about it on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page!

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