6 Books that Celebrate Stepmothers

There&s more to stepmothers than the stories in fairy tales. We rounded up books that celebrate these important family members.

By Allison McDonald
May 05, 2016



6 Books that Celebrate Stepmothers

May 05, 2016

I have written many book lists over the years about different types of moms in preparation for Mother’s Day. This year, I decided to focus on one type of mom that isn’t represented well in books…unless you count fairy tales, and we all know how stepmothers are portrayed in those!

In reality, stepmothers play a big role in many children’s lives. Books that celebrate instead of vilify these important family members are desperately needed. In my search I found six picture books to create this list but I am begging any authors who might be reading this, we need more!

Here are six favorite titles celebrating stepmothers.

My Super Stepmom by Nicole Bauer

The Not-So-Wicked Stepmother by Lizi Boyd

The Memory String by Eve Bunting

My Bonus Mom! Taking Step out of Stepmom by Tami Butcher

My Fairy Stepmother by Marni & Jason Prince

The Good Stepmother by Margeurita Rudolph

Do you know a great Stepmothers title that should be added to our list? Tell us about it on our Scholastic Parents Facebook Page!

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