3 Super-Sneaky Ways to Get Kids Hooked on a Book Series

All it takes is a little thought and a wee bit of planning to get kids "hooked" on a series!
By Amy Mascott
Jun 02, 2014



Jun 02, 2014

When kids are hooked on a book series, magic happens. 


When kids are hooked on a book series, they want to read. They experience a whole new kind of focus, drive, and healthy addiction. They want to read. They want to find out what happens to the characters, and they start to look at characters as friends. 


When kids are hooked on a book series, they become experts. 


When kids are hooked on a series, they experience reading like never before. 


So it should always be a goal of parents to try to find book series for their children that works—a book series that really clicks for their kids. But it's not always easy to get kids connected with a series that will work for them.


What if your kids aren't readers? 

What if they're too busy moving, running, jumping, or playing to sit down with a book? 

How do you get kids hooked on a series if they don't dig reading?


Here are three super-sneaky ways to get your kids hooked on a book series.


1.  Start with a movie.  Tons of books have been made into movies, and if your child isn't into reading, try "hooking" him or her with a movie.  


Fabulous series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Chronicles of Narnia now have incredibly well-made movies. I suggest screening it yourself before you invite your child to watch, but if it seems like a good fit, watch it together. Then read the book together and talk about similarities and differences. Before you know it, your child will ask to pick up the next book in the series!


If your child is too young for full-length movies, then explore animated pieces or shorts.  Arthur, Martha Speaks, The Berenstain Bears, and Curious George all have corresponding shows. 



2.  Start with a road trip.  Giving kids the chance to explore a city where a book takes places is another sneaky way to get them interested in a book series.  


Series like The 39 Clues or The Magic Tree House take place in numerous locations; choose one book from the series that matches a spot that you can actually visit and then begin your reading there! 


Your "road trip" can also be quick and easy, too. If you can visit a nearby animal shelter, read the Puppy Place series, and if a nearby chocolatier can offer you a tour of their facilities, perhaps Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would work. 


3.  Start with an activity. Hundreds of series are out on the market now. Most likely, there's something that will mirror your child's favorite activity! 


If your child enjoys horseback riding, take a look at the Horse Diaries or Backyard Horses series.  If you have a baseball player on your hands, try the Little League series; if you have a soccer star in your house, try the Soccer Cats series or the Wild Soccer Bunch series.  If you have a gymnast on your hands, the Go for the Gold series (written by Olympian Dominique Moceanu!) or the Gymnastics series may be a good bet. 


It's all about timing, like so much of what we do as parents. So let's find a great series for our kids!


Are your kids hooked on a particular series? I'd love to hear which one(s) they are reading and HOW you managed to get out of that pick-up loop alive after school. 


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