3 Reasons to Start Thinking About Summer Reading NOW

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge starts May 4th.
By Amy Mascott
Apr 27, 2015



3 Reasons to Start Thinking About Summer Reading NOW

Apr 27, 2015


I'm not even kidding. Summer is around the corner. 


Really. Let me hear you say it, "SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!" 


For some it may be shouted along with some skips, jumps, and smiles; you're ready for homework to end, for things to slow down a bit, and for those long, lazy pool afternoons.


For others, however, you may be saying this with a bit of fear and trepidation in your voice. Summer is around the corner, which means a lot of unscheduled time, a lot of kids around the house, a lot more mess, and a lot more bickering among kids. 


Either way, it's okay. 


You will be okay. 


Your kids will be okay.  


We're looking out for you over here at Scholastic. We want to help you and we want your family to totally rock summer reading this year, and that's why we have three reasons that you should start thinking about summer reading now. 


Read on, friends:


1. You want to start thinking about summer reading now because registration for The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™ begins May 4th.


Really. It runs May 4th through September 4th. 

And if you start now, you'll get your kids up and running before the big summer reading crowd moves in. That means (shhhhh!) that your child may get a bit of a head start and may be able to really log reading minutes. 


When kids log their reading time, they can unlock stories and earn rewards. It's so much fun. You know kids—they get into that kind of thing, and they especially do when parents are on board. 


2. You want to start thinking about summer reading now because you totally want to get your school on board. 


If schools start now, then students can immediately begin to track progress; this means that schools can quickly start accumulating reading minutes. 


There are prizes for schools that score big here. The schools with the most minutes read will win a visit from Michael Northrop (top elementary school), and Varian Johnson (top middle school).  Can you even imagine how thrilled the students would be to have a famous author visit their school? It's amazing. 


Forward this post to your child's teacher, principal, or Reading Specialist. Tell them that you want the school to get involved in The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™ because it would be a huge benefit to the students as well as a fabulous community builder. 


Make it happen!


3.  You want to start thinking about summer reading now so that your family can start gathering titles of books to read this summer. 


Really. If you, as parents, start talking it up now, you can even join in on the fun at home. Get a huge poster. Hang it in the kitchen. Start asking friends and neighbors which books they love, and then add those books to your poster board.  When a person finishes a book that's listed, cross it off!


Make it a family event, and set reading minute goals.  Read together. Read to each other. Try new authors, new genres, and new series.  Celebrate successes, and make a big deal to cross off books on the poster. 


I know it's only late April, but it's time to get in the summer mode, friends. Before we know it, we'll be thinking about buying back-to-school supplies.  


Let's get our kids registered, let's download some resources, and let's plan on helping Scholastic to set a new world record for reading in the summer of 2015!



What do you think, friends? Will you get your family involved in The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™? Share your thoughts with us on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!



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