10 Easy Ways to Make Reading a Priority for Your Family

Don&t let your family fall into the reading doldrums.

By Amy Mascott
Apr 08, 2013



Apr 08, 2013

For many families, reading has to stay fresh and fun to stay on top of the growing list of things to do. As children get older and activities pull them in a million different directions, it’s imperative that parents do what they can to give this important skill the time it deserves.

Here are 10 ways to make reading a priority in your family: 

  1. Go to the Library. Make it a monthly family date and spend time there during your visit. Enjoy the peace and quiet, and even try reading in this calm atmosphere.
  2. Listen to Books. Audio books are a great way to enhance the reading experience for new and seasoned readers alike. Many libraries have shelves of audio books to choose from if you don’t want to buy your own.
  3. Mix it Up. Encourage a “Family Book Borrow” by having your children choose 2-4 books from their rooms to temporarily trade with a sibling.  After a few days, trade them back!
  4. Movie Match.  Read a book as a family and then find the movie that matches it. Many classics and new books alike have been brought to the big screen. It’s a great critical thinking exercise to have children analyze which they preferred—the book or the movie—and why.
  5. Host a Book Swap. Invite a few friends over with the instruction that everyone brings a few books to trade.  Add some snacks to the mix and everyone is sure to have a great time.
  6. Read in New Places. New places around the house, that is. Challenge children to find a new place inside the house to read, and you will be in awe of their creativity.
  7. Make a Book Tent. Blankets, chairs, and tables are all you need to create an in-home Book Tent for your children.  Reading by flashlight is so much fun!
  8. Reading on the Calendar. We often schedule basketball practice, swim, soccer, and music lessons, but try putting “Read!” on the calendar to really make it a priority for your family.  Set aside one hour a week exclusively for reading as a family and watch it become a family favorite!
  9. Read and Record. Get your kids on film reading a chapter or acting out a scene from a favorite book.  Share with long-distance friends and family!
  10. Go Digital. So many great digital books are on the market now, and digital books really let readers take the experience to a whole new level.  Try a digital book and watch your child’s eyes widen. Reading will never be the same!

How does your family keep reading fresh and fun? Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on twitter, @teachmama, and let’s continue the conversation!

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