Adorable Clifford The Big Red Dog Books for Beginning Readers

Introduce your growing reader to Clifford, the lovable Big Red Dog who always values loyalty, kindness, and friendship.
Dec 07, 2021



Adorable Clifford The Big Red Dog Books for Beginning Readers

Dec 07, 2021

A dog that can be spotted miles away, Clifford is an iconic friend who lives in the hearts of millions. Generations of kids have enjoyed The Big Red Dog's larger-than-life attitude: For more than 50 years, Clifford's been going on adventures (whether it's in the classroom or the beach) and modeling excellent behavior

You and your children will laugh and bond over books starring Clifford. Kids relate to Clifford because he is well-meaning but often finds himself in unexpected situations. Your children will learn how to embrace the adventures found in everyday activities and approach them with kindness, compassion, and zeal.

This famous series is now on the big screen in the live-action film, Clifford The Big Red Dog. Your growing reader can enjoy Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Movie Graphic Novel before or after watching the movie! Other popular books include Clifford's Snow Day and Clifford the Big Red Dog Board Book.

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