10 Iconic Reads for $5 or Less to Grow Your Child’s Bookshelf

No need to win the lottery! You can have an amazing collection of kids’ books for just a few bucks each.
Jul 02, 2019



iconic reads under $5

Jul 02, 2019

Parents, try this for a second: Imagine the most stunning, well-stocked bookshelf possible for your child. If you’re anything like us, chances are that bookshelf includes a wide range of iconic books that have been loved for decades. Maybe it even has the titles you loved as a child! Basically, it’s picture-perfect. 

That dream bookshelf is often stamped with another adjective for us parents: expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, some of the most iconic reads — think Clifford the Big Red Dog or Flat Stanley — are less than $5. Pick your favorites below or stock up on the entire list to make sure your child is prepared to be well-read this school year. For more ideas, browse 1,000+ books for under $5 at The Scholastic Store Online.


Bookshelf Essentials for $5 or Less

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