New October Releases to Refresh Your Child's Bookshelf

Don’t let reading get stale! Capture the excitement of a brand new release for your child with these engaging reads.
Sep 27, 2019



New October Releases to Refresh Your Child's Bookshelf

Sep 27, 2019

Getting a new book in October is as refreshing as opening a window on a crisp fall day: Kids are getting busier (and perhaps more bored) with schoolwork, and a newly minted story is an invigorating reminder that reading can — and should! — be fun. 

This month’s new releases offer up action, adventure, laughs, and the occasional dinosaur. They teach invaluable life lessons, from the importance of friendship to just how stinky dog breath can be, all while making your child reflect and giggle. Along the way, they’ll become a more eager reader.

Read on for the books to know about in October (all are available to order or pre-order now), or head straight to the shopping list. Also be sure to check out book trends for this school year, plus the book genres that get kids reading

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1. I Love Mozart: My First Sound Book (Pre-K)

This board book will enchant readers with musical sounds that accompany adorable illustrations. On each spread, your little reader will find a button that triggers one of six lovely melodies from Mozart. It’s simple, yet utterly delightful and compelling! It will be a surefire favorite for music-loving kids and parents alike. 

2. Dog Breath (Pre-K - 3) 

Bad breath just stinks, and nobody knows this better than a family with a reeking dog. In this adorable read by Dav Pilkey (the genius author behind kid favorites Captain Underpants and Dog Man), kids meet Hally, the Tosis family dog, who has horrible breath! In fact, it’s so foul that Mr. and Mrs. Tosis plan to give her away — but soon, she proves to be an invaluable watchdog. 

3. Diary of a Pug: Pug Blasts Off (Grades K-2)

You may remember from our school year trends report that pugs are big in children’s books this year. In this lovable read, Baron von Bubbles (aka “Bub”) is the self-proclaimed cutest pug in the world! He loves his human, Bella, but most certainly not the squirrel Nutz. When Bella enters an Inventor Challenge, Bub helps her craft a rocket — but soon, Nutz gets on his nerves and makes him ruin her project! In this funny, charming book from the early reader line Branches, Bub must make it up to Bella by standing up to Nutz once and for all. 

4. Fly Guy: Monster Trucks (Grades 1-3) 

Kids love big trucks, and they adore Fly Guy! Put them together, and you’ve got a book that will be your early reader’s new favorite. Award-winning author-illustrator Tedd Arnold brings nonfiction to life in this read about monster truck technology, tricks, events, and safety. With books like this one, your child will never consider nonfiction boring. (Also be sure to check out the September release of the fiction book Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy!)

5. Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts (Grades 2-5)

Fact: Dinosaurs are awesome. Facts: This book is filled with them! Dino lovers will learn a wealth of weird, wacky, and wild facts about these prehistoric beasts, all told in Mike Lowery’s signature comic style with energetic artwork and hilarious jokes. It’s a fabulous way to bridge the gap between encyclopedia nonfiction content and lighter picture book fare. 

6. Dog Man: Guide to Creating Comics in 3-D (Grades 2-5)

If your child is a Dog Man fan, you’ve likely seen them captivated by the “How to Draw…” tutorials in the books, where they can learn how to be comic artists themselves. This new guide to creating comics captures that excitement for little artists with step-by-step instructions for how to draw Dog Man characters, plus advice on how to create their own comic-book characters. The best part: Kids can bring their drawings to life in 3-D! The book comes with 3-D glasses, a write-on/wipe-off pen, a drawing pad, and more than 30 stickers.

7. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Illustrated Edition (Book #4) (Grades 3+)

Collectible books can turn into special keepsakes for your child, and the illustrated editions of the Harry Potter series are designed for this. In this collectible edition of the heart-pounding, emotional fourth installment, you’ll be reminded of how the Triwizard Tournament was a major turning point in the Harry Potter series. Meanwhile, your child will learn about overcoming obstacles and bravery, all while being swept away in the evocative story and stunning illustrations. 

8. Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #3: The Hidden Kingdom (Grades 3-7)

If someone were to formulate a recipe for what gets kids reading, this would be it! Stunning graphics and the widely-loved Wings of Fire characters come together in this vivid edition of the series’ third novel. Kids will marvel at the story of sharp-witted Glory and other dragonets who must work together to find missing RainWings. Meanwhile, you’ll marvel at how this stunning graphic novel, with its colorful illustrations and action-packed plot, keeps your kids glued to the pages. 

9. Sunny Rolls the Dice (Grades 3-7)

Graphic novels are groovier than ever with the introduction of this new book about Sunny, who just made it to middle school in the 1970s! Her BFF Deb is suddenly into fashion, boys, makeup, and being cool, but Sunny would rather play Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of new friends in her basement. With plenty of laughs and references to life in the 70s, this book covers topics on kids’ minds, like peer pressure, adjusting to school, and self-image and identity. 

10. Allies (Grades 4-7)

From the bestselling author of Refugee, this book explores how crucial teamwork and heroism were in dismantling tyranny on D-Day, June 6, 1944 — the most expansive military endeavor in history, and a formative day for the world’s future. It may have been an epic event, but this book gives kids a very personal look at the thousands who came together, from the young U.S. soldiers in boats to the spies of the French countryside, to lend their part. 

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