Raise a Reader Set: The Science of Dinosaurs (Ages 9-12)

Raise a Reader Set: The Science of Dinosaurs (Ages 9-12)

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Kids turn to books to connect to the wider world around them. According to the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report, 40% of kids look for books to help them explore worlds and places they've never been. Start with this set for the budding scientist in your world who is ready to learn more about the age of dinosaurs.

Parent Tip: Reading role models are critical to instilling reading as an integral part of a child’s life, and do not need to be limited to parents: frequent readers have more encouragement to read from family members, friends, principals, teachers and school librarians than infrequent readers.

This set includes:

  • The Science of Flying Reptiles: The Terrifying Truth About the Pterosaurs
    While the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, another species ruled the skies. These were the pterosaurs. They weren't birds, but flying reptiles. They were expert flyers, swooping, soaring, and gliding through prehistoric skies. They were magnificent hunters, too, diving for fish, snapping up insects in the air, or dining on baby dinosaurs. In this book readers will discover all about these awesome creatures, how they lived, how they hunted, and why they eventually died out.

  • The Science of Killer Dinosaurs: The Bloodcurdling Truth About T. Rex and Other Theropods
    The theropod group of dinosaurs saw the biggest, fiercest predators that ever walked the Earth and also some of the smallest, which were nevertheless incredibly deadly for their size. Hundreds of kinds of these killers existed through the Age of Dinosaurs, from about 230 to 66 million years ago. In this book, readers can learn all about the world in which these predators lived, their physical characteristics, and how they hunted and survived.

  • The Science of Prehistoric Giants: Prehistoric Reptiles of the Sea
    Millions of years ago, the oceans teemed with creatures that were every bit as fascinating and ferocious as the dinosaurs that ruled the land. These were the marine reptiles that seem completely alien to our modern eyes. These included the massive-jawed pliosaur, the super speedy Mosasaur, and the long-necked plesiosaur. This book covers a very long period, from 430 to just 1.6 million years ago, and not all these species existed at the same time yet many were the dominant predators of their era. This book explores how these awesome creatures lived, how they hunted, and how we know about them today.

  • The Science of Sea Monsters: Dinosaurs That Used Size and Armor for Defense
    The first dinosaurs were small meat-eaters, or carnivores, that snapped up bugs and other small creatures. Then some dinosaurs started eating plants. They were herbivores. Over millions of years, bigger and bigger dinosaurs evolved. The plant-eaters, or herbivores, were the biggest by far. Some of them were really awesome giants more than 30 metres (100 ft) long, and standing taller than a house. They were the biggest creatures that have ever lived on land. This book explores the lives of these gigantic creatures, exploring their diet, physical characteristics, and how they could defend themselves against predators.
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    Raise a Reader Set: The Science of Dinosaurs (Ages 9-12)

    Paperback Book Collection


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