Books Celebrating
Black and Latino Boys

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Our Commitments

We welcome boys of color as irreplaceable members of our educational community through:

Positive Representation

When students see their cultures and their peers reflected in a positive and respectful light, they can trust that their school wants them to succeed.

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Every child is different, but everyone wants to know that they are heard, respected, and understood. We give teachers the tools to offer this support.

Unifying Students

When students work together, they gain the confidence to express themselves, explore new ideas, and push the limits of their potential.

Meet David C. Banks

David C. Banks is the President and CEO of the Eagle Academy Foundation. He was the founding principal of the Eagle Academy for Young Men, the first in a network of innovative all-boys public schools in New York City.


Scholastic has partnered with David C. Banks to curate collections of culturally relevant nonfiction, biographical, and fiction titles that highlight the stories of the most underrepresented literary protagonists in our classrooms: boys of color. By fostering a classroom community that supports positive representation and equity, we can help students of all backgrounds widen the scope of their world through books and exploration.

How Can a Principal Support Culturally Responsive Teaching?

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Watch David C. Banks share how principals can support culturally responsive teaching.

The Rising Voices Library Overview

Rising Voices Library Overview

Watch David C. Banks share an overview of the groundbreaking Rising Voices Library.

The Rising Voices Framework

Each title in this series was curated with the following five themes in mind:


  1. Family, Culture, and Community
    How can I help others around me? How do others enrich my life and make me feel safe and protected?
  2. Someone Like Me/Memorable Characters
    How does learning that the people in these books are like me or like people I know help me better understand myself and the world?
  3. Heroes and Role Models
    What qualities make someone a hero? What lessons can I learn from the courageous actions of people from the past?
  4. Strong and Resilient/Problem Solvers
    What qualities help people succeed when they face challenges?
  5. Thinking beyond Today
    What can I learn from how the people in books dream and plan for the future? How do people of vision imagine what they want to achieve and then make their vision a reality?

Enhance Identity Development with Social-Emotional Learning

Our research-based instruction gives educators student-centered cooperative learning strategies driven by social-emotional learning to bring literacy achievement to the classroom and beyond.

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