The Murder od Bindy Mackenzie

The Murder od Bindy Mackenzie

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Item #: NTS974051
ISBN13: 9780439740517
Format: Hardcover Book
Dimensions: 2.0' x 9.0' x 6.0'
Grades: 6 - 8

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Title I-A

Bindy Mackenzie believes herself to be the smartest, kindest girl at Ashbury High. After all, she memorizes class outlines to help the teachers, and she offers lunchtime therapy sessions for more challenged students. Why then does everyone seem to hate her? To get to the bottom of this, Bindy decides to document her life in transcripts of her day-to-day activities and musings. In doing so she discovers maybe she is a little self-righteous and judgmental and maybe somebody is trying to slowly kill her!
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