New Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition Grades 4-6

New Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition Grades 4-6

2,940 books (490 titles, 6 copies each) plus new print and digital resources and assessment tools

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Item #: NTS568928
ISBN13: 9780545689281
Format: Scholastic Leveled Bookroom
Dimensions: 1.0' x 4.0' x 9.0'
Grades: 4 - 6
Lexile® Measure: 300L - 1280L
Guided Reading Level: M - Z
DRA Level: 20 - 80

Funding Type:
Title I-A, Title 1-SIG, IDEA/Special Education/RIT, Title I-SIG, Race To The Top (RTTT), IDEA/Special Education/RTI, Title III, 21st CCLC

The NEW Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition offers over 5,000 inspiring books, across an enormous variety of text types, themes, genres, topics and content areas to put all students on a fast track to mastering complex text. This 3rd edition also includes new print and digital resources and assessment tools that explicitly support college & career readiness.
What's NEW?!
Guided Reading Toolkit
: A BRAND NEW print and digital resource offering critical strategies for using guided reading effectively and to prepare for next generation assessments.
Digital Resources: Create custom text sets with the Text Set Finder by sorting titles by Guided Reading level, Genre, Theme, and Text Type.
Assessment Kits: Next Step Guided Reading Assessment from Jan Richardson and Maria Walther provides streamlined assessment tools for data driven instruction!
Updated Implementation Guide featuring NEW sections addressing:
    -Common Core State Standards
    -Text-Dependent Questions & Close Reading
    -Using Guided Reading to Foster 21st Century Learning Skills

NEW 4-6 Leveled Bookroom Product Components

Each 4-6 Bookroom Includes:
• 490 Titles (6 copies each)
• 2,940 Books (GR Levels M-Z, DRA Levels 20-80, Lexile Levels 300-1280)
• Master Title List (PDF)
• Downloadable Identification Stickers that include each book’s title, author, genre, Guided Reading level, DRA Level, and Lexile level
• Teaching Cards for every title
• 1 Resource Kit*
• 2 Next Step Guided Reading Sets

*Each Resource Kit Includes:
• Guided Reading Implementation DVD
• Guided Reading Implementation DVD Viewing Guide
• Leveled Bookroom Set-Up Guide
• 5 Guided Reading Toolkits (Implementation Guide, Flip Chart, and Website access)
• Text Set Finder Access
• 15 NEW Implementation Guides which include:
  • Running Records for every level
  • Behavioral Observation Assessments
  • Skills & Strategies Charts
  • Reproducible Genre Bookmarks in English and Spanish
  • Reproducible Check Out Logs
  • Common Core Support
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