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Community Construction Kit v2.0
Community Construction Kit v2.0
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Community Construction Kit v2.0
Community Construction Kit v2.0
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Community Construction Kit®
For Grades 2 – 6

Design, print, and construct your own 3-D communities!
This easy-to-use tool enables students to design buildings on the computer and then turn them into 3-D paper cutouts. Students can design historical communities or recreate their own towns.

Product Features
• Hundreds of historically accurate architectural elements to create original buildings
• Over 30 ready-made buildings, printable in multiple sizes
• Narrated images of Native American, Medieval, Colonial, and Contemporary buildings
• Dozens of printable characters in historical costumes to add to your community
• Cut by hand OR send to Silhouette Digital Fabricator to automatically fabricate cut & fold lines.

Meets State and National Standards

Your students will:
• Learn about cultures from different historical periods
• Examine the interaction of humans and their physical environment
• Understand why artistic creation is a cultural expression
• Identify and use various sources for reconstructing the past
• Communicate their understanding of history in visual form
• Develop skill with spatial relationships