The Restless Sea
  • Carole G. Vogel (Author)
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The Restless Sea
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The Restless Sea
  • Carole G. Vogel (Author)
The Restless Sea
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  • ISBN13:9780531193280
  • Format:Hardcover Book Collection
  • Grades:5 - 8
  • Guided Reading Level:T
  •     Award-winning author
  •     Great for marine biology and earth science
  •     Diagrams and illustrations clarify difficult concepts
  •     Stunning full-color photographs
  •     Informative sidebars and photo spreads integrated with text highlight areas of interest
  •     Glossary
  •     Index


    9/1/04 School Library Journal (Curriculum Connections)
    Human Impact and Ocean Wildlife

    Stunning full-color photographs depicting the beauty and richness of ocean life make a powerful point with these discussions on the devastating impact of oil spills, coastal development, overfishing, and global warming.

    -Fall 2004


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