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A True Book™—Civics
A True Book™—Civics
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A True Book™—Civics
A True Book™—Civics
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  •     Superb age-appropriate introduction to curriculum-relevant subjects
  •     Covers all studies, from Animals to American History, Geography to Science
  •     "Words to Know" glossary clarifies subject-specific vocabulary
  •     "Learning More" section encourages independent study
  •     Index makes navigating subject matter easy


    9/1/04 Multicultural Review
    How People Immigrate and Knowing Your Civil Rights

    This series aims to educate students in the lower elementary grades in various subjects in civics; other volumes include ones on freedom of speech, making a law, and being a governor. The books employ simple text in very large type, accompanied by a number of color photos. The volume on immigration provides a fairly thorough grounding in the requirements for entering and staying in the United States. The details given for such subjects as the workings of the diversity visa lottery may be beyond what students at this level will need to know; in a community with a large number of immigrants, though, such information may be of greater interest.

    The volume on civil rights focuses first on those found in the Bill of Rights, and it then describes the struggles for equal rights fought by African Americans, women, and the handicapped. Both books end with short lists of books, organizations, and web sites; a glossary defines the words bolded throughout the text.

    -Fall 2004