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Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease
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Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease
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  •     Maps, charts, and graphs created expressly for Watts Libraryรด
  •     Sidebars highlighting fast facts, quick biographies, and other extracted information
  •     Timeline (in all social studies titles)
  •     Glossary
  •     "To Find Out More" (books, organizations, websites, films/videos, audio)
  •     "A Note on Sources" (a note from the author describing his or her research materials and processes)
  •     Index


    10/15/00 Booklist
    "The layout is attractive and uncluttered, with interesting sidebars and plenty of colorful photographs. A timeline, a glossary, a bibliography of both children's and adult books, and a comprehensive, student-oriented list of organizations and web sites will be helpful for reports as well as for answering medical questions."