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A True Book™—Holidays
  • Katherine Gleason (Author)
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A True Book™—Holidays
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A True Book™—Holidays
  • Katherine Gleason (Author)
A True Book™—Holidays
  • List Price: $225.00
  • Our Price: $157.50
  • You Save: $67.50(30%)
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  • Item #: NTS385323
  • ISBN13:9780516297729
  • Format:Hardcover Book Collection
  • Grades:3 - 5
  • Guided Reading Level:L - P
  •     Superb age-appropriate introduction to curriculum-relevant subjects
  •     Covers all studies, from Animals to American History, Geography to Science
  •     "Words to Know" glossary clarifies subject-specific vocabulary
  •     "Learning More" section encourages independent study
  •     Index makes navigating subject matter easy


    "The True Books series does an admirable job of introducing various subjects to young readers..."

    "Books in the series are accessible, lucidly written, and well focused."

    "Enough (largely upbeat) information for reports."


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