Science Seekers: Ecosystems in Balance: 1-Computer License

Science Seekers: Ecosystems in Balance: 1-Computer License

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Item #: NTS504824
ISBN13: 9780545048248
Format: CD-ROM
File Size: Mac/Windows
Grades: 5 - 8

Solve today's real-world problems with science!

Engage students in learning and applying core science content to solve realistic problems. With this collection of three peer-assisted learning programs, scientists guide students as they gather and analyze data, and work in teams to complete exciting missions. The instructional format enables students to develop a deep understanding that will serve as a foundation for applying science in the real world.

Students Learn These Scientific Concepts:

  • What an ecosystem is
  • The roles of primary producer, consumer, and decomposer in a food chain
  • That many food chains connect within an ecosystem to create a food web
  • That all species have a niche or play a role within an ecosystem
  • The relationship between predators and prey
  • How physical and behavioral adaptations help a species to survive
  • That in a stable population, the birth rate and the death rate are about the same over time
  • That limiting factors in the environment restrict the growth of populations
  • That individuals must survive long enough to reproduce in order for a population to survive
  • That some of the things that threaten the survival of all living things are competition for food, disease, predators, and human activities

This Science Seekers Title Includes:

  • A Mac/Win CD-ROM
  • Teacher's Guide with lesson plans and assessments
  • 4 student booklets.
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