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Desert Giant El gigante del desierto
  • Barbara Bash (Author)
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El gigante del desierto
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Desert Giant El gigante del desierto
  • Barbara Bash (Author)
El gigante del desierto
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  • Item #: NTS47429
  • ISBN13:9780590474290
  • Format:Paperback Book
  • Pages:32 pages
  • Dimensions:0.24" x 0.24" x 10.8"
  • Grades:2 - 3
  • ACR Level:5.5
The mighty saguaro cactus is a home—and a food source—for a surprising number of animals! "Captures the majesty of the desert environment."—Kirkus

Common Core Alignment:

RI.3.2. Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.
RI.5.3. Explain the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text based on specific information in the text.
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