Laura Robb Library Grade 3 100 Books
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Laura Robb Library Grade 3
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Laura Robb Library Grade 3 100 Books
Laura Robb Library Grade 3
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The Laura Robb Classroom Library develops students' personal reading lives by increasing their desire to read and talk about books through a collection of engaging titles that stimulate their interests. Each library features a broad range of titles, selected by Laura Robb, that fascinate and intrigue students—inspiring conversation and encouraging lifelong reading.

The Laura Robb Classroom Library, students are motivated to read for pleasure and gain critical reading practice. Reading practice enables students to:
• Increase their vocabulary and become familiar with words in different contexts
• Improve fluency
• Develop the skills required to cope with more difficult texts

Each Grade-Level Library Includes:
• 100 Trade Books (50 titles; 2 copies each)
• 1 Teacher Handbook
• Storage Bins

Download Laura Robb Grade 3 Title List (PDF)

Visit the Laura Robb Classroom Libraries website for more information.