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60 Books (10 titles, 6 copies) Guided Reading Content Areas: Level X
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Guided Reading Content Areas: Level X
60 Books (10 titles, 6 copies) Guided Reading Content Areas: Level X
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Guided Reading Content Areas: Level X
  • Item #: NTS992361
  • ISBN13:9780439923613
  • Format:Supplementary Collection
  • Dimensions:10.5" x 28.1" x 19.0"
  • Grades:6
  • Lexile® Measure:660L - 1160L
  • Guided Reading Level:X
  • DRA Level:60
  • Funding Type:Title I-A, Title I-SIG, Race To The Top (RTTT), IDEA/Special Education/RTI, Title III, 21st CCLC
  • List Price: $479.95
  • Our Price: $359.95
  • You Save: $120.00(25%)
This product is offered exclusively by Scholastic Inc.

Visit the Scholastic Guided Reading Programs website for more information.

Scholastic Guided Reading Programs deliver the materials you need to help ALL students become strategic and independent readers who love to read! The programs were created and carefully leveled by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell, America's leading authority on guided reading. The instruction aligns to No Child Left Behind, including rigorous guided practice in comprehension, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and fluency. The Guided Reading system for book leveling assigns each book a letter (A-Z) based on the degree of challenge it represents.

Our Guided Reading Content Areas Program enhances students' knowledge in Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics and builds reading skills! Fill your guided reading sessions with rich content while you develop essential vocabulary, build background knowledge, and develop strategic reading skills.

The program features:

  • Titles aligned to content area standards in Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.
  • Carefully leveled books that give students access to critical knowledge.
  • Lesson plans that develop important skills for reading informational text.
  • A Teacher's Guide written by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell.
Each Leveled Library Includes:
  • 60 Trade Books (6 copies of 10 titles)
  • Teacher's Guide by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell
  • 10 Teaching Cards with instructional suggestions for each title
  • Leveling Stickers for identifying leveled books
  • Attractive Storage Box
Guided Reading Content Areas Level X:
Covers increasingly mature themes, and requires extensive prior knowledge; texts are designed to present a significant amount of new information.

Level X titles*:

  • Librarian Who Measured the Earth
  • Nelson Mandela: No Easy Walk to Freedom
  • Black Eagles: African Americans in Aviation.
  • Forgotten Heroes: The Story of the Buffalo Soldiers
  • The Glory Field
  • The Great Depression
  • Katarina
  • Not Guilty
  • Up Before Daybreak: Cotton and People in America
  • Within Reach: My Everest Story
    *Titles are subject to availability.
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