60 Books (10 titles, 6 copies) Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus 1st Edition: Level U
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Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus 1st Edition: Level U
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60 Books (10 titles, 6 copies) Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus 1st Edition: Level U
Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus 1st Edition: Level U
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  • Item #: NTS944017
  • ISBN13:9780439440172
  • Format:Supplementary Collection
  • Dimensions:14.5" x 23.5" x 19.0"
  • Grades:5 - 6
  • Lexile® Measure:450L - 1150L
  • Guided Reading Level:P - X
  • DRA Level:34 - 60
  • ACR Level:4.7 - 7.1
  • Funding Type:Title I-A, Title I-SIG, Race To The Top (RTTT), IDEA/Special Education/RTI, Title III, 21st CCLC
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Scholastic Guided Reading Programs deliver the materials you need to help ALL students become strategic and independent readers who love to read! The programs were created and carefully leveled by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell, America's leading authority on guided reading. The instruction aligns to No Child Left Behind, including rigorous guided practice in comprehension, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and fluency. The Guided Reading system for book leveling assigns each book a letter (A-Z) based on the degree of challenge it represents.

Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus Program* will enrich your reading curriculum with both nonfiction titles (60%) and fiction titles (40%) in an exciting array of genres. This targeted, purposeful instruction is ideal for student success on standardized tests. With this carefully designed program and your support, every student can achieve reading fluency.

Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus Level U (Grades 5-6)

  • Books cover a breadth of topics and present specific, technical information. Titles include: First Ladies: Women Who Called the White House Home Gormley, Hoang Anh Hoyt-Goldsmith, The Story of My Life Keller, An Indian Winter Freedman, The Secret Garden Burnett, Midnight Magic Avi, Geysers: When Earth Roars Gallant, Sir Arthur Kotsakis, Golden Games Zemanski, Great Explorations Neufeld
  • Illustrations require interpretation and connection to text.
  • Text requires readers to employ a wide range of reading strategies.
*100% of the Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus Edition titles are different from the best-selling Guided Reading Fiction Focus Edition titles.

Each Leveled Library Includes:

  • 60 Trade Books (6 copies of 10 titles)
  • Expanded Teacher's Guide by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell which includes detailed lists of student behaviors to support at each level.
  • 10 Book Cards with instructional suggestions for each title
  • Leveling Stickers for identifying leveled books
  • Attractive Storage Box
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