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Duck On A Bike
Duck On A Bike
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Duck On A Bike
Duck On A Bike
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A duck on a bike? From Sheep to Horse to Chicken to Goat…everyone in the barnyard has something to say about Duck's zany idea. But what are they really thinking? And what will happen next?
ALA Notable Book
Charlotte Zolotow Commendation
"Lively banjo music and special attention to animated details contribute to this delightful program." - Booklist
"Mayes's energetic narration of Duck's adventure captures his freewheeling exuberance, along with the other barnyard animals' reactions to Duck's ride." - AudioFile
"…this funny and entertaining tale is highly recommended." - ***1/2, Video LIbrarian.
"A duck on a bike doesn't seem like a good idea and the fram animals seem to agree, but by the end of this animated tale, you will want to ride along with duck. The dynamic narration…and lively music…add to the fun in the barnyard." - ALA Notable Video Committee