Better Than Book Reports More Than 40 Creative Responses to Literature
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Better Than Book Reports
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Better Than Book Reports More Than 40 Creative Responses to Literature
Better Than Book Reports
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These engaging, hands-on activities help students demonstrate and build their comprehension, targeting key reading objectives—from summarizing information to recognizing different points-of-view. Activities include easy instructions, links to literature, and a student sample. A number of reproducible template pages are also included.
What's new in the revised and updated edition:
• Activities correlate to the language-arts standards
• Labels show which activities can be used with fiction, nonfiction, or other types of literature
• Grade-level book lists include favorite classics as well as new releases
• Additional book lists are provided for upper elementary readers
• Tech tips help teachers integrate technology in their activity goals 128 pages.

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Engaging students in purposeful activities that support learning standards is at the foundation of this resource. You’ll find a list of key language arts standards and descriptors compiled from the work of professional organizations, such as the International Reading Association, and from state standards lists. To find activities that target a specific standard, refer to the Standards Matrix (provided). This matrix also helps you locate activities that support the types of texts you want students to use: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, biography, and blended books (narrative stories with facts woven in).