Comprehension Clubs Grade 7 Theme Set: Heroes & Monsters

Comprehension Clubs Grade 7 Theme Set: Heroes & Monsters

45 Books (4 titles 10 copies each, 5 titles 1 copy each) plus Implementation Guide, folder pack, and stickers

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Item #: NTS564695
ISBN13: 9780545646956
Format: Paperback Book and Streaming Audio
Dimensions: 1.0' x 4.0' x 9.0'
Grades: 7

Pre-selling now! Available Spring 2014!

Authored by Dr. Irene Fountas and Dr. Gay Su Pinnell, Scholastic's
Comprehension Clubs for Grades K-8 brings deep reading, deep thinking, and deep discussion to the whole class. This new full year curriculum, soon available for grades 6-8, was specifically built for the Common Core State Standards. Comprehension Clubs gives students and teachers the opportunity to talk, think and write about text through Student Book Clubs and Interactive Read Alouds. As middle school students advance in their reading abilities and develop their analytical skills, Comprehension Clubs provides teachers the scaffolding to create student-driven conversation guided by meaningful questions and diverse overarching themes. Students of all levels are given the agency to voice their opinions and share perspectives with peers.

Each individual theme set includes:
• Teaching Guide by Fountas & Pinnell
• 5 Read Aloud picture books
• 5 Read Aloud lesson cards
• 4 Book Club titles (4 titles, 10 copies each, 40 books)
• 4 Book Club lesson cards
• 4 Audio books
• 1 Unit folder

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