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My Books Summer Grade 7 (10 Books) 10 Books plus a think sheet for each title!
My Books Summer Grade 7 (10 Books)
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My Books Summer Grade 7 (10 Books) 10 Books plus a think sheet for each title!
My Books Summer Grade 7 (10 Books)
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My Books Summer Fiction/Nonfiction Bundle offers age-appropriate, high-interest titles paired with title-specific think sheets designed to foster parental participation and encourage at-home learning. Each My Books Summer Fiction/Nonfiction Bundle includes five fiction titles, five nonfiction titles, ten title-specific think sheets, and a journal.

All My Books Summer packs are aligned to Common Core State Standards.

Set Includes:
• Crispin
• Crispin (Think Sheet)
• Heat
• Heat (Think Sheet)
• Heroes of the Environment
• Heroes of the Environment (Think Sheet)
• In the Margins
• In the Margins (Think Sheet)
• The Lions of Little Rock
• The Lions of Little Rock (Think Sheet)
• My Books Summer Journal Grade 6-12
• One Crazy Summer
• One Crazy Summer (Think Sheet)
• The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano
• The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano (Think Sheet)
• Television
• Television (Think Sheet)
• What's Eating You?
• What's Eating You? (Think Sheet)
• Who Wants Pizza?
• Who Wants Pizza? (Think Sheet)

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Common Core Alignment:

My Books Summer: Address the Common Core State Standards and Prevent Summer Reading Loss.

As educators who care deeply about your students’ academic success, it’s reassuring to know that—even over the summer, away from school—your students can reap the benefits of both independent reading and the Common Core.
My Books Summer is a simple yet effective way to meet the essential requirements of the Common Core.

Ten Requirements of the Common Core Supported by
My Books Summer:

1. Engage With High Quality Fiction and Nonfiction
2. Encourage Voluminous Independent Reading
3. Provide Critical Content and Build Knowledge
4. Promote Close Reading and Help Students Cite Text Evidence
5. Write About Reading and Write From Sources
6. Discover Research: Build and Present Knowledge
7. Introduce and Reinforce Academic Vocabulary
8. Encourage Collaborative Conversations
9. Practice Foundational Reading and Writing Skills
10. Develop Intellectual Curiosity, Multiple Perspectives, and Deep Engagement with Reading

In Sum
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aim to help all students, kindergarten through grade 12 develop a common core of knowledge and skills so they graduate high school with a high quality education, well-prepared for college or careers. Again and again, the research demonstrates that students who learn to read, write, and talk about books, in the ways in which My Books Summer recommends and makes possible—become engaged learners, successful students, and deep thinkers—for life!